iTech36 's consultants have deep domain expertise in various sectors, with an abundance of experience in cloud application development and
data management. iTech36 has taken the approach of hiring actual industry experts and also training in their client-specific fields. These
seasoned professionals have the knowledge and experience that bring immediate value and solve client challenges.

Construction & Engineering

iTech36 provides innovative technology solutions for construction and engineering firms to help them manage complex projects more efficiently.


iTech36 offers retail businesses scalable solutions that help drive growth and improve customer experience.

Public Sector

iTech36 has extensive experience working with government agencies, providing them with customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

Financial Services

iTech36 offers financial institutions cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline processes and increase profitability.


iTech36 provides advanced manufacturing solutions to help companies optimize production, reduce costs, and improve supply chain management.


iTech36 offers healthcare providers state-of-the-art technology solutions to improve patient outcomes and streamline operations.

Oil & Gas

iTech36 has deep expertise in the oil and gas industry, providing customized solutions to help companies manage complex operations and improve profitability.


iTech36 offers technology companies innovative solutions to help them stay ahead of the competition and scale their businesses.


iTech36 provides educational institutions with the latest technology solutions to enhance learning and improve operations.